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Water Skiing Lessons New Hampshire


Water Skiing on Lake Winnipesaukee

If you grew up boating, water skiing may be a nostalgic pastime. Though board sports have gained popularity, water skiing on Lake Winnipesaukee remains a delightful way to savor serene mornings and evenings on the water.

Elevated Wake Co. offers a selection of modern, wide Connelly waterskis designed to simplify deep water starts. For novice skiers or those revisiting the sport, we provide training bars and even trainer skis for youngsters, complete with a specialized rope to ensure an easier, safer experience.

Our versatile boat, equipped with an adjustable wake and cruise control, is ideally suited for leisurely two-ski runs or exhilarating slalom sessions. Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of waterskiing on Lake Winnipesaukee!

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